Kilkerran Batch #9 Heavily Peated Single Malt

Kilkerran Batch #9 Heavily Peated Single Malt

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Kilkerran Heavily Peated Batch 9 Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a remarkable expression from the Kilkerran line, renowned for its bold and robust peated character. This Batch 9 release continues the distillery's tradition of crafting exceptional single malts that are both deeply flavorful and complex.

As a heavily peated whisky, Batch 9 offers a rich and intense peat profile that is sure to appeal to lovers of smoky whiskies. The peat used in the production imparts a distinct smokiness that is both profound and well-integrated, providing a sensory journey through the peated landscapes of Scotland.

Despite its strong peat influence, Kilkerran Heavily Peated Batch 9 maintains a balance with other flavor notes, ensuring that the whisky is not overwhelming but rather a harmonious blend of smoke, malt, and the distillery's signature characteristics. The result is a whisky that is full-bodied and satisfying, with layers of flavor that reveal themselves with each sip.

59.2% ABV