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Vintage Wines has been serving customers in the wine community for over thirty years. We specialize in premium wines, in all price ranges, from around the world. We stock over fifteen hundred different items.

Included in our inventory are domestic wines from Araujo to ZD, Australian wines from such premium importers as The Grateful Palate and Epicurean, German wines from Cellars International, Italian wines from Marc de Grazia, and Red and White Burgundies from many of the great producers like Roumier, DRC, Ramonet and many more.The best way to learn which wines you like is to taste them! The best way to taste wines is with wine experts who can help guide you along the path to tasting enlightenment! Stop in for one of our great Saturday tastings for just $5 and see for yourself.

Sit back and savor the tastes of the earth. Sometimes it's easy to get too caught up in the clinical aspects of wine tasting and forget that this is supposed to be, above all, fun.

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2015 Piaggia, Il Sasso, Carmignano, Mauro Vannucci 2014 Finca La Emperatriz, Garnacha Cepas Viejas
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Carmignano Sasso is made from selected grapes grown in the winery’s vineyard of the same name. Il Sasso expresses all the depth and organoleptic richness of great Carmignano wines, combined with the freshness and elegance that great terroirs can express and guarantee over time: this is why we began this Cru, where the tradition of our land is given a modern slant.

2014 Finca La Emperatriz, Garnacha Cepas Viejas
The 2014 Finca La Emperatriz Garnacha Cepas Viejas is made from 100% Old Vine Garnacha sourced from the Rioja Alta subzone of Rioja, Spain. It expresses beautiful minerality along with the big bold flavors of garnacha without the overwhelming and over the top character some Spanish wines can have. This great scoring wine is absolutely delicious.